florence, italy

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L’enfer Cabaret, Boulevard de Clichy, Montmartre, Paris

Built circa 1890; demolished circa 1952.

Entertainment inside the “inferno of hell” included musicians dressed as devils and interior volcanos that spewed scented lava of molten gold. 

After the “cabaret artistique” was demolished, the site became a Monoprix retail store.

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Mont Saint-Michel, France

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It may seem like an uphill battle, but beauty is completely in you.

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Are we not going to talk about how
Le ver vert est sur le verre.
Le ver vert est sous le verre.
Le ver vert est devant le verre.
Le ver vert est derrière le verre.
Le ver vert est dans le verre.
Le ver vert est à droit du verre.
Le ver vert est à gauche du verre.
Le ver vert est à côté du verre.
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We love Paris in the springtime…(via Organicafe)
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Travel More (Villefranche-sur-Mer) #summerresolutions 

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My favorite moment of Breaking Bad was that oh-so-painful but inevitable scene where Walt has to reveal to his family of his double life as his alter-ego Matt Berninger, vocalist for indie soft rock band The National
We all knew it was coming, but were we really ready for it when it came?
Moments like this are what make television great
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Amsterdam by Irene Suchocki   

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me with everything

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Wow, apparently this interaction I had with a young man on Facebook has been floating around the internet and just got back to me! It’s being referred to as my “feminist period joke.” For clarification, I was referring to both menstruation AND childbirth. 

I guess, without meaning to, I wrote a sequel to my “feminist dick joke.”


Did he just make a feminist period joke?

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Map of Paris (1937)
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THE RIGHTFUL HEIR SHALL RETURN TO THE THRONE. we’re coming for you, laipson. #bernie2015

Opaque  by  andbamnan